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I’m Finn vakarian and these are my favourite legs on the citadel!

I’m Finn vakarian and these are my favourite legs on the citadel!







maybe 90% done

UPDATE: got a better wig

How is that a better wig? Curiousity, not criticism.

It’s a lace front that feels about 100 times better than the last one. Not to mention that the color is a natural blonde rather than that ugly yellow color. I was trying to make it messy intentionally in the pictures, it’s actually quite smooth and beautiful.

*whispers* Ed is real.

it got better, owowww

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Im not trying to offend you but what do you think about straight pride? I think it should be a thing. I mean you guys have gay pride


I’m sorry but what? Straight pride shouldn’t be a thing because straight pride is fucking EVERYWHERE

Straight pride is walking down the street hand in hand with the person you love without the fear of being harassed.

Straight pride is being able to take your girlfriend/boyfriend to prom

Straight pride is being able to bring a boy/girl home to meet the parents without the fear that they will be disgusted

Straight pride is never being disowned for loving who you love

Straight pride is not being written off as “going through a faze” or being “difficult”

Straight pride is being able to love who you want without some crazy christian telling you that you are going to hell

Straight pride is being immediately accepted by EVERYONE

Straight pride is being able to walk down the street without the fear of being jumped or set on fucking fire for being who you fucking are

We have gay pride because we NEED it to fucking survive 

When you go most of your life being told your sick or broken then you can have your motherfucking straight pride 

  • Australian: making my way down town
  • Australian: walking fast
  • Magpie: aggressive bird noises
  • Australian: walking faster





This is 10x funnier if you read it in their voices

There will come a day where this will appear on my dash and I will scroll past it, but it is not this day.

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